A world first: a town bench with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel!


Vestre is bringing nine impressive new products to the world’s biggest centre of Scandinavian design in Stockholm. One of these is the world’s first town bench to be awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, meeting some of the world’s strictest requirements.

“We are extremely proud to present an item of outdoor furniture with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. It shows how seriously we take the environment and sustainability,” says Vestre’s CEO, Jan Christian Vestre.

The outdoor furniture manufacturer, Vestre, is here with a new product collection representing innovative design at the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian design in furniture and lighting. The furniture is the work of award-winning designers such as Anderssen & Voll. Some of the leading European brands are made from their designs.

If you have visited any of the great cities in Europe on your travels, you may have seen and used outdoor furniture from Vestre. Cities like Paris, Hamburg and London are enhanced by their sustainable benches, tables, bicycle racks and rubbish containers.

Aiming to be the most sustainable outdoor furniture manufacturer in the world
One of the items at the Stockholm exhibition is the April bench, the first item of outdoor furniture to be awarded one of the world’s most demanding labels, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Vestre is strongly committed to the environment and has always rejected use-and-throw-away solutions.

“Climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time. Everyone has a duty to help to achieve the climate goals. If companies do not ask themselves how they can make a difference for people and the environment, they are past their sell-by date,” according to Jan Christian Vestre.

All Vestre’s production takes place in Sweden and Norway with renewable energy, locally sourced Scandinavian materials and minimal use of resources. The furniture always comes with a lifetime rust warranty and is designed to last outdoors for several decades.

“Vestre is based on 100 % renewable energy. We use locally sourced, environmentfriendly materials, and the products we make last for generations. But we don’t stop there. Vestre intends to be the world’s most sustainable manufacturer of outdoor furniture. That means that in the years to come, we will take new steps towards achieving the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development,” he continues.



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