Award for Design Excellence x 11


On Wednesday 15th April, Vestre received the much coveted design award for the eleventh time. The award ceremony took place during Design Day at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, Norway’s most important venue for the design industry, commerce and the public sector.

“The use of design expertise has become a key success factor, almost regardless of which sector you operate in or which target groups you are aiming towards. Recipients of the Award for Design Excellence 2015 have demonstrated an ability to solve social challenges and create innovative, profitable products and services,” says Thea Mehl. She is Project Manager for design awards at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, which is behind the awards.

Vestre’s Bloc series started with a vision of a complete product series comprising rectangular waste containers and furniture that could be connected in long rows. Designers Lars Tornøe and Atle Tveit rose to the challenge. Subsequently, they also designed detached stools and tables. When LINK Landskap and Norwegian Property set out to revitalise Aker Brygge in Oslo, Bloc was chosen as the project’s furniture programme. As a result of this collaboration, sun benches and twin benches (back-to-back) also became part of the product series.

What started with a desire to investigate how city and street furniture could work in relation to each other ended up with a furniture series which is a sales success and which can today be viewed and utilised at Aker Brygge, Oslo Opera House, Bjerkedalen Park and the new Østfold Hospital.

“Bloc is popping up in increasingly more prestige projects and nobody could have visited Aker Brygge in recent months without noticing the orange furniture that frames the entire harbour promenade. It is rare to see so many people congregating around and sitting on public benches, but this has been the case at Aker Brygge. “This is carefully considered and successful landscape architecture,” says a satisfied Jan Christian Vestre, General Manager and a third generation member of the Vestre family.

Refined Visual Expression
Vestre received praise from the jury for giving Bloc an elegant and sophisticated form. “A subtle surface cant provides attractive shadow effects and reinforces the modern expression,” according to the jury. Vestre’s well documented environmental profile is also highlighted here: “an example for others to follow”.

The first batch of Bloc benches were installed in 2009. Bloc has since become one of Vestre’s most popular furniture series, which has also been sold to a number of prestige projects in the Nordic countries and Great Britain.


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