Enjoy design outdoors


The visitors at this year’s London Design Festival could sit outdoors on the specially built terrace of the 100%NORWAY-exhibition and enjoy warm September days on Vestre MOVE and AIR benches.

London Design Festival attracts some of the world’s most influential producers and purchasers. One of the main draws is exactly 100% Norway, which gets a lot of international media attention.Those behind the exhibition is Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Embassy in London. In 2014, the Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre and Norwegian embassy invited Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB) by the professors Dave Vikøren and Petter Bergerud to design and curate this year’s exhibition. They selected works of the established and award-winning furniture designers Allan Hagerup and Atle Tveit, who has designed a range of furniture for Vestre as well as the 2014 news MOVE and AIR.

“Great exhibition, and in my opinion; clearly one of the best 100%Norway exhibition ever!”, says Atle Tveit. Despite the fact that the exhibition was relatively large with many objects, Tveit thinks KHiB managed to make it transparent and coherent with a good mix of both commercial products and prototypes.

Allan Hagerup also points out that the exhibition was well worked through:
“It was done an impressive job of the KHiB and there were many visitors that prioritized this exhibition. A specially built outdoor terrace made a natural environment for the Vestre benches and tables and they were busy all the time”. They were used by the visitors instead of being studied.

The exhibition models MOVE and AIR were polyester powder coated steel with RAL 5007 Brilliant blue and bright heat treated wood, ACCOYA®. This was also the first time the bench MOVE was presented with ACCOYA® and designer was satisfied:
“It worked very well and got good reception. It is of course nice for a designer to see that a furniture is working with different types of materials”.

There were many positive feedback to get from the visitors:
“Indeed, there were lots of people, great atmosphere and an impressive effort by everyone involved from the KHiB, both professors and students. Some really good days in London”, says Tveit.



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