Vestre 2016: My Town


“The world has never been more urban than it is today. There are more and more people living on earth, which makes demands on how we plan our towns. With My Town, we are striking a blow for the spacious, green and accessible city”, Vestre’s CEO, Jan Christian Vestre, explains.

Vestre is presenting new and innovative concepts. Pop is a range of furniture consisting of benches, tables, planters and urban partitions. Urban par-titions have several functions: trellises for climbing plants, notice boards and flexible dividers for urban spaces. The Berlin urban chair has an ergonomic seat and can be rotated through 360 degrees. There has to be a new bicycle rack, Berg, in the green town of course.

April is one of Vestre’s most popular ranges of furniture. This year sees the addition of a sunbench, and benches and chairs with a high back, which create personal space and screen users from noisy surroundings. Bloc has received the Award for Design Excellence and the range is now being expanded to include planters and more sunbenches. Forum and Dialog are getting elegant new recycling bins in various sizes.

New stars
Vestre works with nearly 30 furniture and indus-trial designers from Scandinavia, and has received 12 national and international design awards.

The new Pop range of furniture is the work of Kristine Five Melvær (b. 1984). Hailed as one of Norway’s up-and-coming young designers, she is launching her first pieces of furniture.
“This year it is a particular source of pride that we have Kristine on board. She represents the new generation of designers. Our towns should be colourful, diverse and fun, just like Pop”, says Vestre.

The Pop range of furniture can be used to create lush, intimate oases that provide shelter from the noise of the city.
“I’m delighted to be launching with Vestre. Their uncompromising focus on quality and the environment is a dream for a designer who wants her products to last”, says Five Melvær.

No to throwaway culture
Vestre is strongly committed to the environment and does not compromise on quality and longevity. All production takes place in Scandinavia with renewable energy, locally sourced, Scandinavian materials and minimal resource use. Vestre furniture comes with a lifetime rust warranty and is designed to survive outdoors for several decades.

“The world is facing a global climate crisis. We have to work together to ensure that our towns are as envi-ronmentally friendly as possible. Hence, there should be a ban on disposable products that cause waste and pollution, as well as being unethically produced. That goes for urban furniture too”, says Vestre.

Jan Christiansen, the former City Architect of Copenhagen, claims that the future belongs to the city and cites the old dictum that, if you are going to build a city, you will need a good architect, some money and 300 years. Global population growth means that we will have to expedite the process and create more cities with an immediate character of their own and meeting places that provide a sense of community. Chip Sullivan, Professor of Landscape Architecture, believes that his field could take inspiration from Hollywood movies. Why? Because they create the landscapes and neighbourhoods that we all want to be in. My Town.


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