Design from A to Z with our Scandinavian designers

At Vestre, we believe great design should be accessible to everyone. This is why we consistently collaborate with designers across all aspects of our operations, including product creation, stand design, product catalogues, and our factories. Read on to discover the story of how our designer partnerships started and to peek behind the scenes as renowned Scandinavian designers give form to our best-selling BLOC and the distinctive MUNCH furniture series.

Back in 1979, the concept of collaborating with designers had not yet emerged. That is, until Jan Vestre took the helm as general manager. At that time, Vestre had two park benches in the collection, and Jan saw an opportunity to innovate further and set Vestre apart from the competition.

Building on the strong foundation laid by his father, Jan wanted to collaborate with designers in a completely new way. So, in 1980, he decided to launch a design contest! Little did Jan know, but this contest would kick off a design revolution in public outdoor areas.

Now, keep in mind that there weren't many Norwegian furniture or interior designers interested in public spaces back then. So it came as something of a surprise when five months later, in January 1981, Vestre received 33 submissions. Among all those creative ideas, the pipe bench, now known as "Hvilan”, won and was eventually awarded the Norwegian Award for Design Excellence (Merket for God Design).

The contest marked a turning point for Vestre, and partnerships with designers have continued to bring recognition in the market ever since.

Our design process from A to Zfrom idea to production

Product development at Vestre is a highly collaborative process in which a wide range of professionals work together to bring exceptional products to life.

There are a couple of ways the process usually begins. It might start with designers approaching us with their innovative proposals, or our team at Vestre might create an internal brief and then reach out to a designer we believe is the right fit for the task.

Then, our product council carefully reviews each proposal before our skilled team of engineers and designers spearhead the product development process. In this stage, we work closely with industry experts who contribute their cutting-edge knowledge in areas like materials.

The Brand and Communication team plays a crucial role too, ensuring that the product aligns with our overall strategies and brand identity. And our Logistics and Sales teams offer invaluable input regarding market needs and expectations.

Externally, we collaborate closely with our clients, landscape architects, and other planners who help highlight specific needs of the community and the environment.

Our designers and product developers mainly work from The Plus, our Norwegian factory. This allows them to collaborate closely with the Production team to develop innovative and exceptionally sustainable solutions. The typical steps in our product development process:

1. Design brief from Vestre / Product suggestion from a designer
2. Concept analysis
3. Concept development
4. Mockups and prototypes
5. Testing and quality assurance

The final products are reflections of each designer's personal approach and story. Every design has its own unique character, influenced by the designer's background, experiences, and personal vision.

Their personal touch is what makes Vestre's furniture stand out as a remarkable addition to any destination.

We take great care to protect our designs with patents, ensuring that the designers’ intellectual property is respected and that projects furnished with Vestre products remain unique.

At Vestre, we are more than just a furniture company, we are a design-driven company that believes in the power of good design to improve both people's lives and the wider environment.

Together with clients and specifiers, our designers are constantly pushing the boundaries and challenging us to create furniture that not only looks great but also makes a positive impact on the world around us.

With this in mind, we can't wait to see your next project.