Smart City Bins

For far too long bins have been emptied without even being half-filled, costing both you and the planet more resources than necessary. Norrsidans and Vestre have now done something about this. We are launching a thoroughly tested, user friendly system that can be pre-installed with your new Vestre bin or even implemented into existing ones, saving you both time and money.

No more emptying half-filled bins

The time for waste-collection optimisation is here. Together with Norrsidans we are now launching a sensor system that is easily placed into already existing bins or can be pre-installed before delivery, telling you whether or not it’s time to empty it out. The sensors are connected to an app by the suitable name Green City, which will optimise the waste-collection route for you. Meaning no more emptying bins that weren't even half-filled, saving you time and money, and the environment by polluting less due to more effective driving.

Tested for two years in Stockholm County

For two years the system has been tested through the use of 30 City bins in Södertälje Municipality in Stockholm County, Sweden. The positive results have led them to expand the Green City system with 160 bins, and with even more to come.

The system is optimised for Vestre City bins, and can be implemented into existing ones or pre-installed before delivery. The Green City app easily connects to any dashboard or can be used as an overarching structure itself.

Sounds like something suitable for a big upcoming project or an already existing one? Send an email to [email protected] for more info and orders.