Vestre’s accessories: from games to LED lighting

Did you know that Vestre offers a range of accessories for our furniture? Whether you want to illuminate meeting places at night, create a playful atmosphere with games, or offer charging options for people on the move, we have the solutions.

Different meeting places have unique needs. That’s why we have accessories aimed both at those who use the meeting places and those who manage them. Here, you can learn about all our accessories and see examples of how they can be integrated into your project.

Charging options where you need them, when you need them
In 2021, Vestre launched a USB charging station as an accessory for our furniture. It is a universal model and can be integrated into virtually all our series. The box has two IP67 USB ports, is approved for outdoor use and comes with an output for external power supply (not included).

These were used in the project “Deutsche Bahn, Zukunftsbahnhof Berlin Südkreuz”. Here, landscape architects beMATES furnished a large area with furniture from Vestre. The APRIL, CODE, POP and COVER series were used, and several of these were supplied with integrated USB charging stations. Berlin Südkreuz is a busy train station, with many passengers from Germany, as well as tourists from all over the world. With Vestre’s USB charging stations, passengers get easy access to power and charging options on the move. One advantage of USB charging is that passengers don’t need an adapter in order to use it. You can also access electricity where you're actually sitting, working or waiting, so you don’t need to search along walls for charging options.

Atmospheric meeting places with LED lighting
At Vestre, we also offer furniture solutions with integrated lighting. Our LED lighting is supplied at 2700 kelvin as standard and emits a soft, warm white, atmospheric light. The LED solution is available in two lengths—500mm and 1200mm. Integrating lights into furniture gives a greater sense of security and makes meeting places inviting, even after dark.

You can also get a model of the URBAN bicycle rack with integrated lights on the posts. This makes it more user-friendly when it’s dark outside by creating a better contrast and visibility in the surroundings.

Your choice of games and graphics
We also offer the option of integrating games surfaces onto many of our products. The beauty of games is that everyone, young and old alike, can join in a shared activity. You can choose from a number of well-known classics such as chess, backgammon and noughts and crosses.

The BUZZ picnic table has even more design options for its tabletop. If you choose an HPL tabletop, you can change the design on it to anything from a logo to a map of the surrounding area or any tabletop game you like. The choice is yours.

For our wooden products, it’s also possible to integrate a logo or text through classic branding.

Cool evenings with a barbecue
Vestre also offers a steel grill plate as another tabletop option. This can be mounted onto the surface of the BERG picnic table and provides a safe surface for smaller barbecues.

On warm summer days, it can also be a good idea to seek shade from the scorching sun. We therefore offer our APRIL tables with the option of a parasol if desired.

Less littering with bird defences
It is possible to adapt the litter bins in the CITY, BLOC and URBAN series with a plate on the opening of the bin, chains or a split opening. This helps keep birds out of the bins, which is good for us, as well as for the birds. It prevents littering caused by the birds taking litter out of the bin, and it stops the birds from eating waste that is harmful to them.

Cost-saving technology solution for CITY litter bin
Vestre also offers a cost-saving Smart City system for CITY litter bins. Litter bins are often emptied when they are only half full. This leads to less efficient waste processing, as unnecessary collections are carried out which have negative effects, both financially and environmentally. Vestre and Norrsidans have now done something about this. In 2020, we launched a thoroughly tested sensor system which can be mounted onto all our CITY litter bins—both old and new. The sensor system is connected to an app which tells you when the litter bin needs to be emptied. This makes it possible to create a more efficient route when emptying bins, helping you to save time, money and not least the environment by polluting less due to more efficient driving.

Contact us and we’ll help you
If you would like advice and guidance on what accessories might suit your project, simply contact us here.