Vestre launches new website

Vestre has launched a new and improved website, designed to simplify your working day as a landscape architect, landscape gardener, contractor, etc. The new website includes BIM, multiple download formats and 3D models that let you see the desired product in the given timber and colour. The website was designed by Snøhetta, the renowned architect firm, in collaboration with Værsågod and Bimbear.

Users at the centre

Users have been placed at the centre of the new design. As well as giving the new website a modern design and appearance, Snøhetta has also focused on improving the user-friendliness for both mobile and desktop applications. The website’s layout is quick and interactive and you’re just a few clicks away from everything you need – from product overviews to documentation on materials and lifespan.

However, the most significant changes relate to updates concerning BIM and download formats. This is great news for those who put products in project drawings and therefore require specific formats that are suited to the preferred programme. All products can now be downloaded on the new website, including BIM objects in Revit, Archicad, Sketchup and DWG. The files can be downloaded as libraries and installed directly in the desired software. This update will help simplify the design phase and increase the efficiency and interaction in a project.

3D models of all products

Further great news are the new 3D models on the website. These models provide the opportunity to view the end product on the desktop, using the desired timber and RAL colour. Choose from multiple types of timber and almost 200 different RAL colours in order to find the perfect match for your project. Besides downloading the end product in the chosen format, the new website provides the opportunity to create your own project on the website. All intended furniture for the project can be stored here and can then be easily shared with a colleague or customer. The exact prices of products are now also available, based on standard timber.

Focus on sustainability

Also, the new website has a greater focus on sustainability, materials and production.

  • Vestre is aware that sustainability has become increasingly important, both for you as a customer and for our planet. However, making better choices for people and the environment won’t count for much if, as a supplier, we don’t give you this opportunity. “Thus, our customers can now choose from over 150 Nordic Swan Ecolabel products in our range,” says Jan Christian Vestre, General Manager of Vestre.

Increased access to Nordic Swan Ecolabel products is in line with Vestre’s goal to become the world’s most sustainable outdoor furniture manufacturer. The new website will let you monitor our progress through clear and well-documented information on the use of materials, quality and lifespan. Take a look at the new films on the website, where we reveal our entire production process – so you can see how we make provision for sustainability and durability at all levels.


Vestre has a range of over 2,500 unique products. These are easily accessible in the product overview on the website and can also be easily sorted according to product type, such as benches, litter bins, planters and roofs.