Eu design awards 2
Eu design awards

Gull i European Design Awards for katalogen 2018!


Enda en pris til Vestre. Denne gangen for katalogen med tema «Nordic Life in Urban Spaces». Takk til TANK for samarbeidet med design og innhold.

Slik beskrives katalogen:
«Vestre is Scandinavias leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture for public spaces. The products are manufactured at their factory in Sweden, and the head quarter is in Oslo. 2018 is the year Vestres products will be launced in several European countries and the catalogs are published in 5 languages; English, Norwegian, Swedish, French and German. In addition to a introduction of the concept, Nordic Life in Urban Spaces, the entire assortment is presented with product photos, environmental photo, price list and technical drawings. Concept: The world is more urban than ever. In 30 years, 70% of the worlds population will live in urban areas. Vestre will help create modern and democratic  cities for everybody by developing innovative, colourfull and aesthetic public furnitures that make a difference for the population. Sit down, have a chat with a stranger, make children play together and enjoy the outdoors and have fun!
Each language has it’s own colourpalette.»

  • CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Ina Brantenberg
  • ART DIRECTORS: Ina Brantenberg
  • DESIGNERS: Ina Brantenberg, Suzanne Svendsen, Oda Wahl, Ingvild Augestad, Jenny Gubdersen
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS: Adam Stirling, James Hudson, Rosie Hallam, Julia Martins Miranda, Charlotte Sverdrup, Einar Aslaksen, Tom Haga, Alejandro Villanueva, Stian Håvak, Lars Thulin, Hanne Gundersen, Tomasz Majewski, Lars Tornøe, Lars Petter Pettersen, Paul Carstairs/Arup, Karl Glenn/bca landscape, Asgeir Pall Juliusson, Martin Meyer, Tobias Cornille, Martin Reisch
  • EDITORS: Vestre
  • COPYWRITERS: Vestre/Nye Tillen

Vi stilte også ut møblene som er med oss rundt på vår Nordic Life in Urban Spaces Pop-up tour.  Les mer her:

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