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Oslo by Night


Vestre’s “Oslo by Night” advertising campaign has been produced by Tank Design in collaboration with photographer Charlotte Sverdrup. In the evening darkness, you can discover illuminated Vestre furniture in various locations around the Norwegian capital.

Tank wanted to show that Vestre is Norwegian, and that Oslo is a sophisticated, multifaceted and beautiful city that makes a perfect backdrop for the outdoor furniture. The photo shoots for the “Oslo by Night” campaign were done in more or less well-known locations in the capital. From historical settings like Youngstorget and Aker Brygge, with Oslo City Hall in the background, to new developments like Tjuvholmen and Operakvarteret with the Barcode Project, and areas by the River Aker, like Hausmania, the Oslo National Academy of Arts (KHiO) and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO).

The idea behind the advertisements is to display the furniture where it stands by day, but also by night, in the twilight. Dusk provides a dark and dramatic backdrop to the illuminated furniture, which plays the lead, dominating the urban stage. Photographer Charlotte Sverdrup did a painstaking job, blending exposures from several shots to ensure that the furniture stands out from its surroundings.

So far, 17 advertisements have been produced, with some of them featuring the designers themselves as models: Kristine Five Melvær for Pop and Allan Hagerup for Move.

See all the advertisements in Vestre’s Flickr photostream.

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