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Where: Stockwell Street Campus, University of Greenwich, London

When: 6 pm, Thursday September 6th



Nordic life in Urban Spaces

Vestre introduced our vision ‘Nordic life in Urban Spaces’ in 2017. The response was so good that we continue in 2018, and we believe there is great potential for the Nordic cityscape as an export good to the rest of the world.

By 2050 there will be 9 billion people on earth, and 70 % of us will live in cities.

Thus, Nordic Life in Urban Spaces not only communicates what Vestre is today, but encompasses our vision of what the cityscape of the future will look like. Wikipedia

We firmly believe that in taking the best ideas out of the Nordic way of life, we have an export good which will be proven attractive in all markets.

In 2018 Team Vestre travel to Copenhagen, New York, Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, London and Milano.

We hope you will follow us!

#NordicLifeinUrbanSpaces #NLiUS

Upcoming events:

Stockholm 13. September

New York 02. October