We want to create welcoming, colourful and democratic meeting places in our towns and cities.»

– Jan Christian Vestre


Long life is good for the environment

Vestre does not like «use and throw away» solutions. Norway’s wild, wet weather has inspired us to develop products with a long life which are able to withstand even the harshest conditions. We use Nordic materials which have a a minimal impact on the environment and the shortest possible delivery route.

Climate-neutral production

Our modern production facilities are extremely energy-efficient and are operated by renewable sources of energy. Vestre works systematically to reduce its impact on the environment and contributes actively towards funding climate measures.

Decency at all levels

Vestre has been a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative in Norway since 2007. We require our subcontractors to comply with strict requirements in respect of decent working and environmental conditions.

Universal design / BREEAM

Most of Vestre’s benches are supplied with a backrest and armrests in order to meet universal design requirements. The design of benches with a universal design may vary, but they should have a backrest, armrests and a sitting height of approx. 0.45 m.