Vestre is heavily involved in Scandinavian craft traditions. We have recently opened a highly modern, environment-friendly production facility in Torsby which was designed by the Norwegian Snøhetta firm of architects. It was our ambition to create a unique, functional signal building which would promote Vestre’s identity. This factory has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental and quality certification.

Cutting with millimetre precision

Vestre uses quality steel from the Nordic countries. Steel plates and pipes are cut using high-tech lasers. The results are very precise and the process requires minimal usage of resources. After cutting the steel details are polished in order to avoid having sharp edges and to ensure perfect surface treatment.

Welding which provides resistance to long-term wear and tear

Vestre’s furniture has been designed to withstand heavy wear and tear over the course of time. The welding process takes place both manually and by using automated welding robots. All components are treated and assembled with maximum strength and durability in mind.

Lifetime anti-rust guarantee

All steel components are hot-dip galvanised in a solution of liquid zinc at a constant temperature of 450oC. Vestre uses 98.98% pure Norwegian zinc. This treatment creates a rust-resistant alloy which means that Vestre’s products can stand outdoors for several decades. This process takes place in compliance with strict environmental requirements which accord with the ISO 1461 standard.

Powder coating developed for coping with the North Sea

Many stages of comprehensive cleaning and pre-treatment are carried out prior to powder-coating. Powder coating contains no solvents and is applied electrostatically using advanced nozzles. The powder is melted in an automatic tempering furnace and the product acquires its final surface. This process has been developed in Norway in order to ensure a very high quality finish and comply with the strict requirements stipulated for corrosion class C5.

Wood from Scandinavian forests

Vestre’s furniture is supplied as a standard in high-quality pine from Norway and Sweden. The wood is sorted and quality assured prior to treatment using advanced CNC machinery. The finished wood details are then pressure treated and treated with natural linseed oil in order to prevent rot.

Assembly and quality control

Vestre’s furniture is delivered more or less ready-assembled from the factory. Only screws and attachments made from stainless or acid-resistant steel are used. The assembly process takes place both manually and by using robot technology. Prior to packaging and transport the products are subjected to a thorough quality check in order to ensure that they comply with our strict craft and finishing requirements.

««When designing outdoor furniture we strive to achieve a simple design expression with the emphasis on good details and sturdy materials.»»

Arne Smedsvig
  • Pine treated with linseed oil
    • Oiled oak
    • Oiled ash
    • Kebony Radiata®
    • Plywood

Standard wood details with a 15-year guarantee. PEFC certified high-quality wood from Norway and Sweden. Can also be supplied with a brown pigment.

Hardness: 2-2,5 on the Brinell-scale

  • Hot-dip galvanised steel art. no. xxx.901
    • Hot-dip galvanised steel art. no. xxx.900
    • Corten steel xxx.903
    • Varnished aluminium xxx.904
    • Ductile iron xxx.800

This product is hot-dip galvanised, something which produces a grey surface with permanent rust protection. Surface treatment is carried out in Norway.

  • Granite
    • Concrete xxx.004
    • HPL (high pressure laminate)
    • Carbon
    • Glasscrete
    • PUR

This product is supplied with a granite base.

Choose your own RAL-colour

Choose from nearly 200 different RAL colours for powder coating (900).

Vestre Quality Programme™

Lifetime guarantee against rust

Designer furniture supplied by Vestre does not rust. All steel parts are hot-dip galvanised and screws and attachments are supplied in stainless or acid-resistant steel. When products are used normally and not subjected to extreme stress, Vestre offers a lifetime guarantee against the damaging effects of rust. Please note that small pigment marks and discolouration are not unusual after many years of being exposed to the weather.

Exstended guarantee for varnish and wood

Vestre offers a 15-year adhesion guarantee for painted surfaces that have not been subjected to mechanical damage, knocks or corrosive chemicals, etc. This 15-year guarantee also applies to damage caused by rot on standard pine that has been treated with linseed oil.

Spare parts always available

As time goes by, vandalism will obviously occur and there will be a requirement for extended maintenance. Vestre is therefore able to supply all spare parts throughout the life of a product.

Climate-neutral organisation

Vestre works systematically to reduce its impact on the environment and contributes actively towards funding climate measures. We are proud to be the first supplier of climate-neutral designer furniture for urban and outdoor environments.

Safe and fair

Vestre’s manufacturing operations have always been carried out in Scandinavia and this is still the case. We are quality and environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Furthermore, our membership of the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) obliges us to ensure that we encourage our suppliers to operate under proper working and environmental conditions, and it also enhances our support of human rights, developments and the environment.


We recommend that all screws and bolt clamps are examined and tightened after a few weeks’ use. White rust may appear on products with hot-dip galvanised surfaces­ due to condensation and moisture. This will not impact on the product’s life span and it will be washed away by rain and wind. All steel components can be cleaned in the normal manner, although the surfaces can be affected by strong chemicals and high pressure. We are able to delivery anti-graffiti treatment for most colours. Normal varnish-care products can be used after a few years in order to freshen up varnished surfaces.

Standard pine which has been treated with linseed oil has a natural, non-pigmented colour which will become grey with the passage of time. In order to prevent cracks and to extend the life of the wood, it is recommended that the wood details should be oiled every 3-5 years. The need for this type of maintenance depends on wear and tear. The recommended oil may be ordered from Vestre. Painted and stained woodwork will naturally require more frequent maintenance.