Universal design / BREEAM


Most of Vestre’s benches are supplied with a backrest and armrests in order to meet universal design requirements. The design of benches with a universal design may vary, but they should have a backrest, armrests and a sitting height of approx. 0.45 m.

When planning seats it is important to make space for a wheelchair next to the bench. Seats should be placed in niches in order to avoid bumping into them when walking along the edge of the pavement. This provides better quality, particularly for people with walking difficulties.

Equipment for sorting and handling refuse should be placed so that it can be used by visually and mobility impaired people. Tables with benches with a universal design should be designed so that wheelchair users can sit at the same table like everyone else (e.g. APRIL and FORUM tables). Checkpoints for planning universally designed areas with outdoor furniture:

BREEAM – Corresponding cycle racks
The BREEAM (Building Research Establishment‘s Environmental Assessment Method) criteria specify the relevant performance for the intended purpose which solutions should comply with. All of Vestre’s cycle racks comply with the BREEAM requirements relating to permanent design which ensures that both the frame and wheels can be locked properly. Vestre’s assembly instructions specify the best practice for the placement of racks so that tidy and efficient cycle parking can be achieved.

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