No future for companies that do not take responsibility for their surroundings

The pilot project “The Maintenance Team” has emerged as a direct result of the collaboration with the Church City Mission. The project is a further development of the Church City Mission's work-offer for people without access to ordinary working life.

- The maintenance team consists of three very nice people. Although they are only three pieces, the point is that they are 1 + 1 + 1. If several companies do similar, then the sum suddenly becomes very large. It is important that companies do not believe that they are too small to make a difference. That they have too little capital, too few employees. Everyone can contribute and make a difference, says Jan Christian Vestre, CEO of Vestre AS.

Kenneth is one of the employees in the Maintenance team and is very pleased with the initiative.

- Without this job for Vestre, summer would have been very tough for me, he says.

- Businesses must have more ambitions than just making money. Vestre wants to inspire other companies to ask the question: "What can our business, products or services help to improve society and make it more inclusive?", Vestre emphasizes.