Outdoor offices – a breath of fresh air in everyday life

Demand for outdoor office solutions is on the up, and more and more people are spending part of their working day outside the four walls of their office. Taking work outside has clear advantages – and it’s easy to achieve!

Working outdoors has many positive aspects. Varying your surroundings gives you fresh inspiration that can have a positive effect on your creativity. It’s also much easier to meet people outside than inside these days, and as we all know, social stimuli have a positive impact on our mental health. It is therefore important that both workplaces and public places ensure that there are opportunities to bring work outside.

Furniture solutions for all needs
Vestre offers flexible solutions for different outdoor working zones – whether you need a social setting designed for workshops and meetings, or a more secluded zone for working alone.

If you want to install outdoor working areas, the modular series BLOC and VROOM are good options. These series can be put together into longer continuous rows with tables and benches, which makes them perfect for both meetings and a pleasant lunch break. Both VROOM and BLOC have options such as backrests and armrests so that the solutions can be adapted to meet your needs.

Sociable picnic tables
For smaller groups, a circular picnic table like the BUZZ may be ideal. Round tables make for a good social dynamic around the table, as no one is left sitting at the end.

BUZZ is a neat piece of furniture that doesn’t take up much space while still being very robust and durable. The tabletop for BUZZ is made from high-pressure laminate, which provides a flat workspace and a good base for both writing and drawing. It can be adapted with graphic designs such as a company logo, slogan or even a game (chess, noughts and crosses and ludo are regulars on BUZZ tables around the world). The table is also available in a wheelchair accessible version.

Different furniture zones that facilitate both informal meetings and longer work sessions at safe distances.

Café feeling with PARKLETS 2.0

Working from a café has become the new normal for many people – and demand for more outdoor space in restaurants and urban public places has increased.

PARKLETS 2.0 is one of Vestre’s most popular solutions and is perfectly suited to exactly that. PARKLETS 2.0 is a series of modular urban flooring that functions as an extension of existing pavements, providing more space for people and plants. It is designed to be placed on parking places that are no longer in use – as we say: less parking, more park.

The urban flooring can be easily moved with an electric forklift and has adjustable feet so that it can be adapted to different situations and levels. The nonslip transition plates ensure a smooth join with the existing pavement.

The series consists of six complete modules: café, mech, forest, cosy, portal and cycle, but can of course also be adapted according to desire and need.

Never run out of power
Working outside often requires access to charging solutions for tablets and mobiles. Our new USB charging station provides a lightning-fast connection which makes it possible to work and communicate digitally from almost anywhere.

The charging station can be mounted on the vast majority of our furniture.

Produced for the future
At Vestre we have a Vision Zero: Vestre will not make a single product that cannot last forever. This is also how we are fighting the throwaway society, one piece of furniture at a time. Through good design, critical material selection, advanced surface treatment and a little maintenance every now and again, ever-lasting furniture is actually very much an achievable aim. We also offer spare parts without any time limits – if we do not have them in stock, we will make them for you. All our products come with a lifetime guarantee against rust and a 15-year guarantee on their surface coating and woodwork. This ensures that the outdoor offices and meeting places we create together will bring joy to generations to come.

Do you want more inspiration for outdoor offices? Check out our Flickr album.