BRISKEBY by Andreas Engesvik – the design and materials

We have a new member of the Vestre furniture family—the BRISKEBY bench designed by Andreas Engesvik. With its impressive length—3 metres—BRISKEBY will be the longest bench in our range. It has a timeless Scandinavian expression and regardless of which environment it is placed in, it contributes to a generous and social meeting place with room for many.

The main idea behind BRISKEBY is the archetypal design. It has a minimalistic expression, and the construction almost gives you the impression that the bench simply floats above the ground. Choosing the right materials was an important starting point during the design and manufacturing process, to give the bench a delicate, soft, and humane expression.

“We have used the materials in a natural, efficient, and traditional Nordic way. It is an old way of constructing that evokes associations with log benches and how many older log houses were built. It gives the bench very clean and beautiful proportions. The bench is also very rational. Wood and iron are two of the oldest materials humans have created things from. The metal frame has an almost eternal structure, while the planks can be replaced over time after many years of wear and tear. This makes it possible to easily renew the product in infinity,” says designer Andreas Engesvik, who has previously developed our MUNCH series, alongside Jonas Stokke.

Using such a long seat is about shifting the focus to the material itself and the technology used to maximize the lengths and widths of the wood. In combination with the new wood technology, we also explore other surface treatments that are both functional and visually appealing.

“Vestre gave me a quite specific assignment to create a long bench. Such a long bench places certain demands on the technical aspects. It required us to work in a simple way, which can be a challenge. Since we wanted to use long and thick planks, the stand itself needed to be very solid but at the same time have a lighter feel, so that the bench does not feel oversized. Viewed from the front, it has an extremely minimalist expression where the backrest and seat come together in a natural way,” Andreas Engesvik continues.

As standard, BRISKEBY is delivered in Nordic pine impregnated with linseed oil. It is also available in painted Accoya—a dimensionally stable wood that is very suitable for painting. The frame is made from Swedish steel which has a 30% lower greenhouse gas emission than the world average and is available in 200 RAL colors for powder coating. Like every other product from Vestre, BRISKEBY comes with a 15-year guarantee on wood as well as a lifetime guarantee against rust.