Edible and easy-care planter favourites for landscape gardeners

Summer is here and many people are asking us about planters. We have consulted Sigurd Boasson from Svein Boasson AS to help you choose plants which people will appreciate and are easy to grow. Sigurd is a landscape gardener specialising in using planters to create attractive outdoor spaces.

Private and public cultivation and edible plants
Sigurd describes the growing interest in cultivation. In recent years, he has particularly noticed a shift from ornamentals to food plants. A lot more berries, fruit trees, perennials and pollinator-friendly flowering plants are now being planted. The interest in growing vegetables, salad plants and herbs has also seen a sharp rise; not only in private facilities and gardens, but also amongst public developers.

Raise the roof with green rooftops
Roofs represent up to 35% of the urban landscape. Did you know that? Sigurd certainly does. This is because he also helps property owners and managers become involved in green development. Besides specialising in creating beautiful outside spaces, Sigurd is also working on the project ‘Mattak’ (Food roofs). This involves using urban rooftop areas to create green areas, primarily to cultivate food plants for the delight of urban residents and visitors.

Sigurd’s favourites for small planters
Boasson recommends planting easy-care plants to get the best out of small planters. His personal favourites are:

• Easy-care berries such as currants and blackcurrants

• Simple vegetables such as potatoes, beetroot, kale, broad beans and squash

• Perennials (strawberries and rhubarb are good examples of popular choices)

• Herbs, especially thyme, parsley and rosemary

These are all food plants which Sigurd believes will work almost anywhere, and which work well with planters such as Dialog and the smallest versions of the Vroom, Via and Pop series.

Plants for large planters
As regards large planters, Sigurd also recommends using food plants in these, and choosing plants which take up more volume. He likes to use kale, nasturtiums, tagetes, borage and broad beans. Borage and nasturtiums go particularly well with summer salads and barbecue.

Popular large planters include Boboli, Stripes, Reale and the largest varieties of Pop, Bloc and Vroom.

Maintenance-free and easy-care planters
There are many planters to choose from in our range, with a variety of designs for different projects, various sizes for different plant species and 200 RAL colours for different expressions.

Common to all of these is that we have done our utmost to make maintenance easy for you – we offer a lifetime guarantee against rust, and all planters are available with drainage and watering systems.

You can see our entire range of planters here. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or would like help in finding the right planters for your project and your requirements.