First we took Manhattan...

And we actually did. In 2010, Norwegian architects Snøhetta were awarded a contract to redesign Times Square in order to turn the iconic site into a social meeting place accessible to the public, and in late 2016 Vestre were lucky enough to partner with them for the project.

The result turned out great and started off what has since become a rapidly growing US expansion. The Americans want more Nordic design, and last year we were happy to finally open our first US office in New York city. This journey has led us to many interesting new places and projects. With the April-series being the number one back home in Norway, it’s great to see that the Americans are taking a liking to the characteristic Bloc-series, which now populates many a boardwalk from Oakland to Boston. Have a look at the one in Oakland here.

...then we took Berlin

«First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin», Leonard Cohen crooned in 1988. And now, almost 40 years later we can say the same, albeit with a message of sustainability as the main selling point for why a Norwegian furniture company should have an impact in these overseas markets. Over the years we have done several projects throughout Germany, from Hamburg Airport to Bergmannstraße, Berlin.

Since the very beginning, the Germans have shown great interest in sustainable outdoor furniture with a pop of colour. Therefore we were excited to finally open an office last July in the heart of Berlin.

Vestre now has offices in Oslo, Torsby, New York and Berlin. But with the world’s population rapidly moving into the cities, the need for great public spaces is increasing – so who knows what the future might bring? The list might not be completed just yet..

- Of course we are very excited to be able to bring our furniture to every part of the world. We are humbled and proud. But for Vestre it’s not about the furniture alone. It is about bringing people together in the public realm, discoursing across socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. It is about the understanding that can derive from these meetings. It is about a hope to inspire other businesses to create sustainably. To create ethically. It is about the ever cliché of hopefully making the world a better place. Just a little. And in Vestre we believe that, to the fullest, says CEO of Vestre, Jan Christian Vestre.