The KINN family is growing

Vestre recently introduced the KINN lounge chair, designed by Anderssen & Voll. The lounge chair was displayed for the first time during Milan Design Week 2022, as part of the Norwegian Presence design exhibition, where it was also joined by new chairs and tables from the KINN family.

“We’ve received very positive feedback since the lounge chair was first launched. People have been longing to see the series, and we’re thrilled that we were able to present the products during Milan Design Week, where the lounge chair was presented alongside a table. The KINN family was also expanded with dining chairs and dining tables,” say design duo Anderssen & Voll.

They explain that it was natural to let the series grow.

“Chairs need a table, quite simply. The vision behind the new items in the series is to provide even more opportunities for furnishing outdoor environments, and thereby expand the functionality of the KINN family, whether it’s to create places for social gatherings or elegant oases for relaxing or eating,” say Anderssen & Voll.

The basis of KINN

The structure of the KINN furniture consists of two clear and separate components: a simple, elegant and solid base of aluminium, which supports the lightweight and flowing seat shell of wooden slats. The tables have the same design language as the seating furniture, but with slightly wider wooden slats for the tabletop.

KINN is a contemporary furniture series that borrows expressions from romantic and poetic modernism. The furniture is designed to be comfortable and easy to move around as needed. At the same time, furniture in public environments must always have weight and quality which can withstand wear and tear and extensive use and which stands up to the forces of the weather. In KINN, the properties are combined in the best possible way - the form expression is light and inviting, while the construction is robust and stable.

The pine used in the furniture is obtained from Scandinavian pines and sustainable forestry. The Scandinavian pine is harder than pine from warmer regions and is therefore excellent for use in outdoor furniture. In addition, it develops a beautiful grey patina over time. The metal frame is made from Hydro CIRCAL and comprises at least 75 percent post-consumer recycled aluminium – the highest proportion of recycled aluminium available on the market – which helps to drastically lower energy consumption.

“KINN will be at home in a wide variety of environments. The furniture fits just as well as solitaires as in large groups and can be used in both private and public spaces,” say Anderssen & Voll.