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Do you have a question concerning your warranty or do you wish to use your product warranty? Please contact [email protected]
All claims must be documented with order number/project name and pictures of the complete product, as well as detailed pictures of faults/damage.

Our warranty

Lifetime anti-rust warranty

Design furniture from Vestre does not rust. All steel components are hot-dipped galvanised and all screws and fastenings are supplied in stainless- or acid-resistant steel. Thus, providing our products are used normally and not subjected to extreme strain, Vestre offers a lifetime warranty against harmful rust. It should be noted that minor pigment spots and/or discolouration are not unusual after many years exposure to rain and wind.

We use local materials in production, both out of consideration for the environment and for reasons of quality. Scandinavian pine is harder and better suited for outdoor furniture than timber from warmer countries, and Nordic steel is made with more than 20% lower greenhouse gas emissions than the average for manufacturers in other countries.

Extended warranty for paint and wood

Vestre provides a 15-year adhesion warranty on powder-coated surfaces that have not been subjected to mechanical damage, impact, corrosive chemicals, etc. Standard linseed oil impregnated pine comes with a 15-year anti-rot warranty. The warrantyr equires that the wood be kept clean of dirt and mildew and that high-pressure washers or chemicals not be used to clean the surface, as this may erode the protective oil. Wood is a living material, and small cracks will naturally appear over time.

Spare parts always available

As time goes by, vandalism is bound to occur or there will be a requirement for extended maintenance. Vestre can supply all spare parts throughout the life span of a product.

A climate-neutral organisation

Vestre works systematically to reduce its own environmental impact and helps actively to fund climate measures. Vestre is proud to be the first supplier of climate-neutral designer furniture for urban and outdoor environments.

Safe and fair

Vestre has been around for almost 70 years and continues to produce exclusively in Scandinavia. We are quality and environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Furthermore, our membership of the Ethical Trade Initiative (IEH) obliges us to ensure that we encourage our suppliers to operate under proper working and environmental conditions, and it also enhances our support of human rights, development and the environment.

A little love goes a long way

Vestre furniture requires minimal maintenance, but we recommend giving our products a little TLC from time to time by repairing any minor damage.

Screws and locking bolts should be tightened after a few weeks’ use. Clean steel components as necessary the way you usually do, but keep in mind that strong chemicals may affect the surface.

Standard linseed oil-impregnated pine will naturally take on a grey colour over time. To extend the life of the wood, we recommend treating it with oil every 3–6 years, depending on your climate and the level of wear and tear.