Our Vision Zero: Furniture with ever-lasting life. Even for discontinued models.

Vestre has a Vision Zero. According to this vision, we will not produce a single product which cannot last for ever. This is also how we are fighting the throwaway society, one piece of furniture at a time. Through good design, critical material selection, advanced surface treatment and a little maintenance every now and again, ever-lasting furniture is in fact very much an achievable aim. We also supply spare parts without any time limits – if we do not have them in stock, we will make them for you.

Hvilan – heroes of the 90s
A case in point is the Hvilan litter bin. This bin model was manufactured through until the mid-1990s, when it was withdrawn from the range. These particular ones, which are stood outside Kløfta Vel community centre, have been ensuring that no rubbish ends up on the ground for almost 30 years.

We recently received a pleasant e-mail from the caretaker at the centre, who needed a new key for the bins. Apart from the missing key, they worked perfectly, and replacing them was not on the agenda.

- Kløfta Velhus was built during the 1950s. A historic building like this suits furniture with a design which adds to the building, just like Hvilan litter bins do. Both the bins and the benches are over 25 years old and have required minimal maintenance over the years. They look as good as new. So they don’t need to be replaced, explains Kløfta Vel's caretaker, Malcolm Bolton.

A key for a new life even after 30 years of use
At Vestre, we keep our promises – if we do not have the spare parts you need in stock, we will make them for you. A new key for the Hvilan bins was therefore delivered to Kløfta Vel community centre. The litter bins, which had already been there for generations, are now ready to receive the refuse of future generations too. Because a Vestre product never goes out of date. It is part of the design.

Made for the meeting places of the future
Good, functional and attractive design is vital if a product is to survive generations, varied use, ever-changing weather and changes in style and fashion. Ensuring that our products last for ever is a process which starts on the drawing board with our designers and continues with the critical selection of materials and manufacturing, in an interaction between advanced robotics and skilled employees.

However, the process of ensuring ever-lasting life continues even after a product has been manufactured and delivered. In addition to offering spare parts throughout the life-cycle of our products, we also ensure that worn furniture can be returned to the factory many years later for restoration and return to a new life.

We are unbeatable
What is best for the environment can also be best for the economy. Other firms may well be able to supply outdoor furniture at a lower initial cost than us but, in a lifecycle economy, we believe we are unbeatable in the long term.