To us it’s still business as usual

So much is changing but some things stay the same, at Vestre our business and our mission remain focused on bringing people together with care. Let us give you a quick update on what we’re still doing.

We are all still working and available by phone and email during opening hours. Some of us more from home that is. Our delivery times are still from 4-6 weeks, worldwide.

Most importantly, we are still caring about people. Our mission is still to bring people together in meeting places of our ever-denser cities, to help create a sense of community absent of the “us” and “them” ideology. It’s about seeing each other, talking to each other, respecting each other – building tolerance and understanding of one another. So, while we are still focused on creating meeting places around the world, let’s just remember to meet there with care for those around us. Let’s come together with loving distance and even more heart and respect for each other.

And last but not least, we are still caring for the planet, letting our values point the way forward for our business. We hope our efforts will inspire other businesses to operate with more care for both their social and environmental impact. We hope that as a consumer, you will choose better for people and planet. One thing we can learn from the times that we are in is that solidarity goes a long way. We’re in this together – and that’s business as usual for Vestre.

Team Vestre!