Climate action

Sustainability goals:

Sustainable production

Nine years ago, we became the first climate-neutral outdoor furniture manufacturer in the world, and we have set ourselves a target of zero climate gas emissions. Between 2014 and 2016, we cut our CO2 emissions by nearly 40% in relation to production value. We still generate climate gas emissions equivalent to 2,500 cars a year, however. We compensate for this by funding rainforest conservation in Papua New Guinea.

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Techbridge/ SUNami

An incubator in Africa, Techbridge is a Norwegian startup that is trying to help startups in Africa thrive, and guide investors from all over the world into impact opportunities here. An example is SUNami, a micro-grid solar company, providing power to people where there is none.

Investment of NOK 200,000 in TechBridge towards their accelerator in Africa

This is how we work with UN sustainability goals

  • Quality education

    Knowledge conquers all

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  • Affordable and clean energy

    We give back clean energy

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  • Decent work and economic growth

    Everyone can do something

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  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    It is possible to operate a profitable manufacturing firm in Scandinavia. It is possible to build a business based on longevity and sustainability

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  • Redused inequalities

    Less inequality creates greater trust

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  • Sustainable cities and communities

    Green cities are smart cities

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  • Responsible consumption and products

    Vestre Vision Zero

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  • Climate action

    Nine years ago, we became the first climate-neutral outdoor furniture manufacturer in the world

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  • Life on Land

    Vestre almost exclusively uses environmentally certified Scandinavian timber from what may be considered the world’s most sustainable forests

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