Reduced inequalities

Less inequality creates greater trust

Sustainability goals:

Vestre supports the work to reduce inequality in and between countries

In all markets in which we have an active presence, we create secure jobs and contribute tax revenues. We refuse to supply hostile designs, such as benches with spikes designed to keep the most vulnerable people in society away from our shared outdoor spaces.

We believe that transparency is the most important driver of trust. By placing our cards on the table, we allow insight, both internally and from society, into our business and the value chain through the Transparency Act.

Read more about the Transparency Act here.

This is how we work with UN sustainability goals

  • Quality education

    Knowledge conquers all

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  • Clean energy for all

    Our goal is to increase the total quantity of clean energy

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  • Decent work and economic growth

    Everyone can help

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  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    Long-term innovation

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  • Redused inequalities

    Reduced inequality creates more trust

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  • Sustainable cities and communities

    Green cities are smart cities

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  • Responsible consumption and products

    High quality and durable

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  • Stopping climate change

    Decarbonisation of the value chain

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  • Life on Land

    Traceability and transparency of materials

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