Parklets 2.0 Car-free city, Oslo

Together with Vestre, Studio Oslo Landskapsarkitekter (SOLA) has developed a robust modular Parklets system that can be combined and adapted to suit urban needs. The project is an important contribution to ‘Bilfritt Byliv’, Oslo’s car-free city life project, in which cars are being phased out of the city centre by 2020. Oslo has invested in temporary installations, with Parklets playing a leading role. For the municipality, it is important for Parklets to be accessible, and also robust enough to withstand climatic and local conditions. Parklets are acting as a pilot project in the transition between today’s Oslo and the car-free city of the future, as well as facilitating the dialogue between the community and the municipality before the council commits to permanent changes in the streetscape.

The consept

The design - customizable configuration

The producer

Jack London Square, California

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