Caring meeting places with Nordic Swan Ecolabel products

There are many choices to be made when planning a project - and furniture is one of them. Many want to make good and environmentally-conscious choices, with high quality products that will last for decades. However, it can be challenging to know which furniture best meets one's demands. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel can make this process simpler.

What is the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and which standards does it impose on furniture?
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is one of the world’s toughest environmental certifications and the official environmental certification in the Nordic countries. It has been created to provide consumers with credible and complete product information. It imposes numerous and strict standards for the entire life cycle of a product - from raw materials to production and recycling.

To meet Nordic Swan Ecolabel standards for certification and raw materials, Vestre uses Scandinavian pine as standard in all furniture and we consciously avoid using tropical timber. The steel we use comes from Sweden’s SSAB, and it is supplied with 30% lower carbon emissions than average on a global basis. In products that are made from aluminium, some of this material is either supplied from the world’s greenest aluminium smelting plant at Karmøy in Norway, or it is made from Hydro’s CIRCAL product. CIRCAL is composed of a minimum of 75% returned and recycled aluminium.

Our entire manufacturing is located in Scandinavia and runs on renewable energy. In 2025, Vestre’s goal is to have surplus production of energy and to return 20% to the electricity network, so that we will be a net positive contributor on the energy side.

In regard to recycling - 20% of the steel we use is recycled. We also offer spare parts for all of the furniture that we have ever manufactured - completely without any time restrictions. If we do not have the parts in stock, we will make them for you. In addition to offering spare parts throughout the life cycle of our products, we also ensure that worn out furniture can be returned to the factory many years later, restored and given a new life.

A guarantee for quality and longevity
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel does not only stipulate requirements for product materials, manufacturing and environmental footprint, but also for quality - and as we know, environment and quality often go hand-in-hand. Products that are of good quality usually last longer, and are recycled to a greater degree. International tests are conducted in regard to functionality, quality and longevity. This means that the Nordic Swan Ecolabel functions as both environmental certification and a mark of quality. This makes it easier to incorporate good, environmentally-conscious decisions in projects, whilst at the same time being certain that the meeting places created will be able to be used by people for many, many years.

Sort according to environmentally-certified product series at
At Vestre we are proud to be part of this certification system and of having over 200 Nordic Swan Ecolabel products, across seven different furniture series. And there will be more. This goes without saying when our aim is to be recognised as the world’s most sustainable furniture manufacturer.

It is up to us as a manufacturer to make it easy for you as a consumer to make greener choices. Therefore, all certified furniture on our website carries the logo for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. It is also possible to sort products according to this label, by clicking the box for Nordic Swan Ecolabel furniture in our range.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel product catalogue
It is also easy to get an overview of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel series in our new inspiration book and product catalogue for 2021. At the start of the catalogue, you will find all the product series, where those that are environmentally-certified have the symbol for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. At the back, in the price list, also listed are the EPD values for the entire range. These provide an insight into the environmental footprint of all of our furniture - from raw materials to finished design furniture. Where the Nordic Swan Ecolabel provides a guarantee that the product is environmentally-friendly, EPDs offer the opportunity to choose based on actual emissions figures. Together this offers purchasers a simple way to make environmentally-conscious choices.

What about the catalogue itself? Of course, it also carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Caring meeting places all over the world
In 2017, as the world’s first urban furniture manufacturer to do so, Vestre received Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification for a city bench. Since that time, several other manufacturers have done the same. The more the better - so all of us are getting closer to the goal of saving the planet. Little by little. One caring meeting place at a time, neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

Series includes
: litter bin, bar table, bar chair, bench, table, round table, chair, sun bench
Designed by: Espen Voll, Tore Borgersen and Michael Olofsson.
Trondheim Torg (Myklebust Øvrebø Arkitekter) and Sjöviksskolan (Max Arkitekter)

Trondheim Torg


Series includes:
bench, table, planter, chair
Designed by:
Espen Voll, Tore Borgersen, Michael Olofsson
Project: Times Square (Snøhetta)

Times Square

Series includes:
litter bin, bench, table, planter, sun bench, chair
Designed by:
Lars Tornøe, Atle Tveit
Vannkunsten (Grindaker) and Munch Brygge (Gullik Gulliksen)


Series includes
: picnic table, module bench, planter, tilt module bench
Designed by:
Hong Ngo-Aandal, Johan Verde
WILMA, Germany. Deutsche Bahn, Zukunftsbahnhof Berlin Südkreuz (beMATES)


Series includes:
benches, planter
Designed by:
Lars Tornøe
Cadence Park, Irvine, CA, USA (Studio One Eleven)

Cadence Park

Series includes:
litter bin, bench, table, planter, bicycle rack
Designed by:
Espen Voll, Tore Borgersen, Michael Olofsson
Sandvika Fjordpark (Bar Bakke)

Sandvika Fjordpark

Series includes:
litter bin, bench, table, bicycle rack
Designed by: