Quality education

Knowledge conquers all

Sustainability goals:

Education and knowledge shape the future

We work with Stjerneskolen in Torsby to ensure that the industrial workers of the future are given the best possible conditions for success. We strive to ensure that our employees are given the opportunity for further development and the skills to guarantee that we can thrive in the future, both as a company and as people.

  • Quality education

    Knowledge trumps all

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  • Clean energy for all

    Our goal is to increase the total quantity of clean energy

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  • Decent work and economic growth

    Everyone can help

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  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    Long-term innovation

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  • Redused inequalities

    Less inequality creates greater trust

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  • Sustainable cities and communities

    Green cities are smart cities

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  • Responsible consumption and products

    High quality and durable

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  • Climate action

    Nine years ago, we became the first climate-neutral outdoor furniture manufacturer in the world.

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  • Life on Land

    Traceability and transparency of materials

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