Design everything

As cities keep growing, living conditions are getting more cramped. To us, this means that design must encompass much more than pure aesthetics. We collaborate with renowned Scandinavian designers, and it is equally important for our products to look good, serve a practical function, and cause the least possible impact on the environment.

Our designers

Our design philosophy affects the products all the way from conception to completion and placement. We give free rein to designers in the concept development phase, where they often collaborate closely with landscape architects and other planners.

Nordic design includes a social element – the notion that design should be accessible to everyone. This is the reason why we always refuse to do hostile design, like benches with spikes to prevent people from lying down.

Being recognised is a great inspiration for further innovation. In 1987, our bench Hvilan was the first outdoor furniture ever to win the prestigious Norwegian Award for Design and Architecture. Since then our solutions have won numerous awards all over the world.