Vestre is creating green jobs with space for everyone, and through The Plus, we are now set to create even more

The primary purpose of Vestre is not simply to produce furniture. We create caring meeting places, where people can come together across social, cultural and financial divides. In this way, we help to make the world a slightly better place; in this way, we create meaningful jobs.

Construction of The Plus will create a workforce of around 30 people when it opens in 2021. As Vestre’s operations expand, the factory will have room for up to 70 employees. What sort of jobs will be created?

Five factors in particular make The Plus an attractive and inclusive workplace where there is room for all:

  1. The Oslo Model is being applied to ensure that the workplace is professional
  2. A good working environment will be created, addressing everything from premises to transport and lunch
  3. Vestre will pay its employees’ union membership fees
  4. Employee diversity will be ensured
  5. Competence development will form part of the job

The Oslo Model—at Magnor

Vestre wants to be at the forefront of the effort to shut out ‘cowboy contractors’. That is why we have decided that The Plus will be built in accordance with the Oslo Model. This model is supported by the unions and employers’ organisations, and includes requirements regarding:

  • At least 10 percent apprentices and 50 percent skilled workers on the construction site
  • Permanent jobs
  • Minimum employee salaries and working conditions stipulated in a collective agreement
  • Salary payments between assignments

Workers must also have an HSE card from day one. Suppliers must present expanded tax certificates and provide full transparency with regard to internal conditions.

Healthy working environment—with no injuries

We will ensure a good working environment by providing modern machinery and equipment; well-lit premises with a stable temperature all year round; large windows looking out onto the forest; accessible outdoor areas; healthy, locally sourced lunches; training facilities; and free bicycles and fast-charging for electric vehicles for all employees.

A trade union community

In 2010, Vestre became the first furniture manufacturer to join Norway's Ethical Trading Initiative, which promotes human and labour rights, as well as social and environmental issues. We believe in the Nordic model, with its emphasis on tripartite cooperation between the government, employers and trade unions, and high levels of union membership. This creates trust between employee and employer, which leads to greater innovation and higher productivity.

Our goal is for all employees to be members of a trade union. To encourage this, Vestre will pay its employees’ union membership fees.

More women in the industrial sector

Workplace diversity is a good thing, irrespective of business sector. Despite this, the industrial sector remains male-dominated.

Vestre wants to help change this, and we will work with schools and other companies to make it more attractive for young women to choose a career in industry.

Competence development for all

We will join forces with regional vocational training institutions to create attractive apprenticeships and vocational training places for those who have dropped out of ordinary upper secondary education.

In Norway, many people have become excluded from the labour market. Vestre therefore wants to make it easier for people with reduced working capacity or gaps in their CVs to return to work.

Domino effect

Here at Vestre, we believe and hope The Plus will trigger an avalanche of new and sustainable investments in mainland industry, and thereby trigger the start of many new and meaningful jobs. For both women and men.